"Wonderful! Such a lesson in how parenting and families should be."

- Betty DeGeneres, Ellen's Mom


"Essential, engaging and transformative for students, teachers, and parents."

- Tom Little, Director, Park Day School


"An honest, revealing portrait of children at different developmental levels. Should be required viewing for any professional working with children and families around issues of gender, diversity and understanding"

- Hank Liese, MSW, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Utah


"Extraordinarily thoughtful and insightful. This wonderful film will educate viewers about transgender identity, child development, human acceptance and love."

- Laura L. Carstensen, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Stanford University


"An excellent and important vehicle for helping to expand the realm of legitimate gender roles. Highly recommended."

- Joel Kassiola, Dean, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, San Francisco State University


"For anybody trying to understand the transition of someone close, NO DUMB QUESTIONS offers a refreshingly honest look at the issue."

- Candance Gingrich, HRC National Coming Out Project


"An invaluable tool for diversity education and raising consciousness about transgender issues."

- Benjamin Davidson, Ph.D., Director, LGBT Resource Center, Stanford University


"We purchased NO DUMB QUESTIONS for each of our 24 campuses. The film helps break the ice on an often controversial and misunderstood topic."

- Allison Subasic, LGBT Center Director, Pennsylvania State University


"This sweet film suggests how our fears of gender variance are learned -- and how they might be overcome."

- Joanne Meyerowitz, Author "How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States"


"A powerful teaching tool -- elegant, important and lovely."

- Marguerite J. Moritz, Ph.D., Associate Dean, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Colorado


"Perfect for sparking discussions in classrooms or workshops."

- Jennifer K. Uleman, Professor of Philosophy, University of Miami


"This unflinchingly honest and touching film offers insight about gender issues and the natural curiosity of children."

- Booklist


"Refreshing approach. Entertaining for almost any audience. An excellent discussion starter in high school and college classrooms. Highly recommended."

- Educational Media Reviews Online


"Any public and any academic library collection (especially gender studies or social work) would be enriched."

- Library Journal


"Moving and funny."

- San Francisco Chronicle


"Witty and heartfelt."

- Apple Computer


"Occasionally, a documentary's strengths come not from it's formal qualities, but from the sheer exuberance of the life that it captures."

- Indiewire: Park City


"Unsettling and uplifting. A touching and truly moving documentary."

- Chris Gore, FilmThreat


"The kind of documentary I'd like to see more of -- engaging characters, serious subject matter, refreshing perspectives and humor."

- TV Guide