NO DUMB QUESTIONS is a unique and powerful tool for opening minds and sparking dialog in schools, colleges, workplaces, faith communities and families. It's funny, engaging and poignant. And at 24-minutes long, fits perfectly into a classroom or workshop.


Discussion Guides:

Whether you are an educator, administrator, parent, student or just someone who wants to learn more about the film, you can use the following discussion and curriculum guides to discuss the themes in the film NO DUMB QUESTIONS.

Download the General Discussion Guide created by the Anti-Defamation League.

Download the Workplace Discussion Guide created by the Walt Disney Company.

Download the Faith Community Discussion Guide created by the Unitarian Universalist Association.


Courses and Workshops:

NO DUMB QUESTIONS is an essential resource for:

K-12 Schools

- Anti-Bullying
- Diversity Education
- Teachers, Staff & Parents
- Health and Sex Education
- Gay-Straight Alliances


- LGBT Student Centers
- Campus Diversity Programs
- LGBT Studies
- Education
- Health
- Human Sexuality
- Gender Studies
- Developmental Psychology
- Sex Education
- Counseling/Family Studies


- Employee Resource Groups
- Diversity Training

Faith & Family

- Family Counseling
- Communities of Faith
- LGBT Community Centers
- Parenting Groups
- Public Libraries
- Sexual and Reproductive Health Services


NO DUMB QUESTIONS is a starting point for rich discussions on many topics, including:

- Confronting and transcending difference in society
- Strategies for discussing taboo subjects and expressing fears
- Sources of prejudice

- Understanding sexual orientation vs. gender identity vs. gender expression
- How children delineate the gender dichotomy
- How a family comes to terms with a transgender family member

Children & Families:
- Parenting in difficult situations
- Developmental stages in children