These girls love their Uncle Bill.

But will they feel the same way when he becomes their new Aunt Barbara?

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Use the film to open minds and spark dialog in schools, colleges, workplaces, faith communities and families.


- Betty DeGeneres, Ellen's Mom

"Moving and Funny."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"An invaluable tool for diversity education and raising consciousness about transgender issues."

- Benjamin Davidson, Ph.D., Director, LGBT Resource Center, Stanford University

"Helps break the ice on an often controversial and misunderstood topic. We purchased it for each of our 24 campuses."

- Allison Subasic, LGBT Center Director, Pennsylvania State University

"An excellent and important vehicle for helping to expand the realm of legitimate gender roles."

- Joel Kassiola, Dean, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, San Francisco State University

"Essential, engaging and transformative for students, teachers and parents."

- Tom Little, Director, Park Day School